Sahar Tabar, an Instagram celebrity who has repeatedly changed her face through her cosmetic surgery in Iran, has been arrested.


According to the Tasneem News Agency, social media star Sahar has been detained following a court order in Tehran that monitors 'cultural crimes and socio-moral corruption'.


The Instagram star has been accused of blasphemy, inciting violence, improperly earning and corrupting the youth.


Sahar came into discussion on Instagram at the time when she shared all the pictures after her plastic surgery in which she looked absolutely changed.


Sahar has 26,800 followers on Insta. Every picture and video of him is heavily edited so that he looks like Hollywood star Angelina Jolly.


The photos shared on his account show his inside face, pouting lips and a very sharp nose. Many times, seeing his pictures, he cannot believe that this is his real face.


In some pictures, she is also seen wearing a hijab. A picture shows the bandage tied on his nose.


Such bandages are applied after nasal surgery in Tehran. Cosmetic surgery is so popular in this country that thousands of people perform operations throughout the year.


In Iran, only Instagram can be run in the name of social media, Facebook and Twitter are officially banned.

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